Company Introduction

Safe deposit box is a facility which general public is familiar with and it has been an integral part of banking services in the past. In the recent years we have seen banks started to stop providing this service as part of their business rationalization exercise.

Many people have lost their peace of mind because the lack of secured storage place to keep their valuables. Our Executive Chairman, Datuk Clement Yeh, sees and feels this need from the people has decided to meet this unfulfilled demands by setting up a specialised Safe Deposit Box facility for the Kota Kinabalu citizens.

Titanium Safe Deposit Box Sdn. Bhd. (100% owned by Sabahans) is incorporated on 26th July 2013 to carry on the business to provide safe deposit box rental service. Millions of Ringgit has been invested to provide the safe deposit box facility so our fellow citizens can have security at minimal cost. We believe this will also help lower the crime rate as the public would now have the option to safe keep their valuables at our secured facility.

This is also the first city in East Malaysia to have such sizeable Safe Deposit Box facility.

Our professional team has grown enormously and we have expanded our services to Sandakan (since 2015) and Tawau (since 2016).

Welcome To Titanium

How The Strong Room Is Built

Our Team

Kapitan Datuk Clement Yeh, JP

Executive Chairman

A prominent local community leader. Chairman of Kian Kok Management Board and Kota Kinabalu Hokkien Association, Managing Director of Sabah Publishing House.

Eric Wong

General Manager

Former Branch Manager at an international bank with 13 years of banking experience on his belt.